About us

ArkaBetonRastak Company was established in 2012 as limited liability Company, by a group of experienced engineers and managers and currently is ready to provide services to improve the construction industry in Iran. This company considered the implementation of civil projects as basis of its work. Accordingly, this company attempted to take a major step in the prosperity and economic growth of Iran, relying on the experienced technicians and study works.
ArkaBetonRastak company management with more two decades of experience in fields includes construction as well as Construction macro projects in Iran and other friend countries. Currently this company has Grade 3 construction and buildings, grade 4 water resources engineering, grad 5 road and transport engineering and grad 5 restorations of monuments qualifications were issued by Management and Planning Organization of Iran.

Certificate of qualification for company


Company space:

The company covers an area of approximately 200 meter, including:

Management area 30 meter
Design studio space 50 meter
Administrative and accounting space 45 meter
Meeting room space 35 meter
Technical office space 25 meter